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Silverstone Elite Transport


The Need

A new vehicle transportation business catering to a high-end clientele was looking for branding and assets that would speak to his potential customers. We were simply asked to create a logo and a design for a covered vehicle trailer. That was just the beginning.

The Solution

When working with new businesses, we’ve found that listening to the business owners ideas and goals will shape the final product. Lucky for us the owner had a clear vision of the brand and tasked us with bringing it to life. 

The layout of the logo was loosely defined as a sports car above the business name. after a couple iteration the logo was finalized and a healthy working relationship was formed. We developed the designs for the trailer, and created the companies, website, business cards, flyers and marketing materials, all of which keep the customer's luxury taste in mind.

Always portraying a high-level of professionalism and conveying trust was critical to the brand. Jay from Silverstone trusted the process and our talents which proved to be exactly what he was looking for and together we created a brand he is proud to put on display up and down the eastern seaboard.

Vehicle Wrap & Graphics

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