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Sakonnet Preservation Association

Strategy & Rebrand

The Need

Sakonnet Preservation accepts gifts of land and conservation easements as well as monetary contributions to further its mission of conserving and stewarding Little Compton’s natural landscapes and resources. As the demographics of their market evolved, they recognized the need to update their brand and creative direction, including visual assets and content strategy in order to remain a relevant, effective, and compelling resource for potential donors and existing supporters.

The Solution

In order to design a brand that has the highest potential for success, we took a data-driven approach, which included the following:

  • Market Research:

    • Customer Survey; Community Survey; Town Census Analysis

  • Market Analysis:

    • Creating the Donor Persona; Competition Analysis

  • Identifying Brand Differentiators and Unique Selling Points

Using this work, we were able to build a content strategy that allowed the organization to provide unique and useful content to their market that positioned them as a resource uniquely qualified to fulfill their mission.

A hallmark asset of the relaunch, we designed and built a new website that delivered a donor-centric user experience, allowing prospects and supporters to easily navigate and access relevant content and enjoy an online donation process that was safe, intuitive and easy.

Art direction for the website, and all other brand assets featured a visual identity that echoed the palette of the local landscape and celebrated the area’s natural beauty with high-quality photography.

Process Overview

Creative Direction: Research
Market Analysis
Create a Brand Profile
Establish Design and Style Guides
Design a Communications Plan

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Web Design
Activation and Launch

The Results

After the organization successfully launched their rebrand and new website five years ago, they have successfully increased their brand awareness with new donors, and continue to realize healthy donor support, volunteerism and engagement from their community. This ongoing success has also supported an increase in their programmatic offering, which includes educational opportunities for members to learn the value and importance of protecting and stewarding this special coastal New England area.

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