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Young's Family Farm

Art Direction

The Need

While the farm had been successful using “home-grown” branding, as their business scaled over the years, they understood the need to adopt a cohesive and professional brand in order to increase awareness and trust in broader markets, including B2B.

The Solution

When working with scaling organizations, I’ve found that curiosity and listening are the most valuable tools for understanding how to transition a brand to the next level successfully. In this case, I met with the owners, who were still actively farming themselves, and as we toured the farm, they told me their story. As is the case with many family-owned companies, the story of their business was intertwined with the story of their lives.

We walked through fields, where potatoes were being harvested by seasoned old tractors; through mature orchards of apples where their daughters once swung from the branches; and down the aisles of their open-air farm stand, abundant with colorful produce and happy customers, who enjoy this space as a place to discover local, seasonal ingredients, as well as catch up with friends and neighbors.

Clearly, maintaining that sense of place was critical to the brand. The discovery phase has shown me that family and community were at the heart of this business and I wanted to the branding to reflect that. While the art direction brought a standardized visual language to the farm and it’s communication, the tone of that language spoke to to the family’s small-farm origin story.

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